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NAD Topical Cream 100 mg/gm 15 gm Tube


  • NAD Topical Cream 100 mg/gm 15 gm Tube

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  • NAD Topical Cream 100 mg/gm 15 gm Tube

Peptides improve memory, concentration, and focus. An expanding body of research suggests that peptides can increase concentration, support memory recall, and more. NAD

*Please Be Advised: This is a prescription/medical-grade (RX) product and will not be shipped without A Telemedicine/Zoom appointment performed through our clinic.

Your initial practitioner appointment fee is $59 with your first purchase. The future visits are complimentary for 12 full. calendar months (*with the exception of weight loss and/or hormone prescribing).

The Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) from Biocore Health RX will contact you within 24 hrs to set up your consult and exam with one of our Practitioners (MD, DO, PA, NP) & to answer any questions you may have.

Next, the exciting part, your products are shipped. The entire process occurs in 7 days or less. We deliver right to your door.


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Weight30 g
Dimensions15 × 20 × 15 in


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